A word about our sponsor

I don’t know that I’ve ever raved here about Sampa, the service upon which this blog/site rests. But my praise is long overdue, particularly since it’s a very useful startup, and it’s free. (Bonus: it’s founder is Brazilian, the culture I should thank for truly putting the “beauty” in the Beautiful Game.)

In a word, Sampa is fantastic. Frankly, I underuse it: There are so many more services/options Sampa provides that I should or could use but haven’t had the time or inkling to do. They’re constantly adding more options, and the customer help is friendly, immediate and thorough — although the service itself is so smooth, I’ve rarely had occasion to need it. Though I don’t take advantage of many of the features, they are all very simple to use, and there are several design options (not to mention language options, including Arabic and Chinese!), and the menus/navigation are customizable to your liking.

You can set it up to be a virtual personal network, with multiple password-protected creator/authors, users and pages — and no one bugging you to be your “friend” unless they really are such. So you could set up an on-going interactive site for just your family members and/or friend groups, or your family minus black sheep, plus a “family tree” … or create different areas of your site accessible only to specific groups of people.

It easily integrates many “you” services: photos through Flickr or Twango, or your videos from YouTube, or your blogs from Blogger. Not to mention multiple personal profiles/pages/sections, photo albums just for the site (although photo storage is understandably memory-limited, but that’s what the photo-sharing site integrators are for). A grandma could easily use it, creating a shrine to herself or her offspring.

I first found it when I was looking for a quick-and-easy site to host float trip photos and stories to stir banter among the floatees. One I could launch immediately, without messing with code. That led to a folder for game recaps to spur banter among my hockey team, and of course to the use of the blog, which is what I have primarily used Sampa for.

Basically, if you want any of these options, or you want anything more than a blog but you’re not sure how to go about it, there’s plenty available with Sampa.


2 thoughts on “A word about our sponsor”

  1. thus spake Dominik.
    how much are they paying you for this one…?
    will Samp allow me to create a site that NO ONE can access but me?

  2. There was no money involved, but I was told that on my deathbed, I would receive total consciousness. So I figure I got that goin’ for me … which is nice.

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