Oil, you SOB

Amazing photos of the oil spill explosion and attempted cleanup at this site.


The growing oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico is captured in this image from NASA's (MODIS) instrument aboard the Terra satellite. This natural-color image acquired April 29, 2010 shows a twisting patch of oil nearly 125 km (78 mi) wide. (NASA Earth Observatory/Jesse Allen/University of Wisconsin SSEC)

NASA Earth Observatory


3 thoughts on “Oil, you SOB”

  1. I know. It sucks.

    If I begin to get too bummed I just keep zooming out . . “oh, it’s only as big as New Orleans.”

    (toung in cheek)

    1. I know. I love that region, it’s painful to think of that coast seeping with oil.

      I picture a heron sitting there in its stance, thinking, “WTF? Now what have you people done?”

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