Pissin in the CZ
Two Men Pissin' in Prague...on Prague

I wasn’t intending to blog about the image above — I only intended to use it in a continuing string of Images That Should Be Shared added for spice to Posts That Have No Natural Images.

But then when I was cropping it for panoramic and identity-masking effect, I noticed something I hadn’t realized before: Those two are pissing into a map of the Czech Republic! The CZ’s shape on a map looks like a lot of countries: Land-locked blob shaped by wars, noble estates, the odd river here and there. So it’s easy to miss.

Upon realizing this, though, I thought “there has got to be a story behind this.” Sure enough, it was the usual suspect. The same guy responsible for that glorious “Entropa” I posted about a couple of years ago. (In the first of those two links, you can see a video depicting all the countries in the Entropa exhibit; I’d never seen all of them before.)

Allegedly, you can even text instructions to control the pattern in which the two men do their business. Naturally, the sculpture is outside the Franz Kafka museum and supposedly they piss a few quotes of Kafka’s.

Somehow, all perfectly fitting. And now I don’t remember what I originally intended to write about…


2 thoughts on “Pissin’”

  1. I recognize those stems, and she’s a hottie!

    Ah, Czech humor. It’s all they had left to see them through…

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