Snow incoming

Dogs of Winter 2010
Hauling ass in the snow: An interspecies pursuit

And so dogs will play, in black and white.

I don’t really get snow days anymore — maybe once every few years. But I can’t help getting that “ooooh, it’s snowing and we might be off and so we can stay up all night” feeling anyway.

Living with a teacher does that to you. Having dogs that get just as jacked up by the air as you once did helps.


7 thoughts on “Snow incoming”

  1. I love those childhood feelings that are so excitingly magical that they stay with you into adulthood even though they no longer apply/make sense.

    For example, Christmas, every year, no matter what the hell is going on in my life, ALWAYS shoots dopamine through my veins. I avoid the malls and all the consumer hoopla – but the Christmas music [as gay as it is] and the snow combined, are electrifyingly Santa Clause anticipatory.

    That, and being out in the woods/wild, where everything is quiet enough so you can hear the little creatures. As a kid I LOVED being outside away from “civilization”. Ahhhhh, I think I just found my “happy place”.

      1. Me too. It’s Wanda, the younger more hyper one. She wants to haul ass and catch squirrels.

        Willa is older and is more like Neil the hippie. She definitely likes to play in the snow, but she just wants to hang out and smell things and enjoy her lentil, right.

        Though in the masthead pic, Willa’s hauling ass too, but she’s slower and eventually peels off the chase because she got distracted by a daisy or some rabbit shit.

        Sometimes I wish I had a tail.

  2. Pets are a great amusement, but watch out! I came home today to a smell of gas … and my elder brother wasn’t even visiting. Bad Kitty had turned a stove burner on “Low”. No flame. What have I ever done to him???

      1. oh my god that is so funny! (not the gas part – but the “fear of the pot-clanging” part.)

        If only we could have pets (and kids) for a short while, for entertainment purposes, and then give them back to their owners – before they burn down your house with the stove.

        I’m gonna start a business called “rent a pet”. It will require very little money, as the people who want an entertaining pet for a short while will be pet-sitting your pets while you go on vacation and what-not. Fair Trade Pet Agency, that’s what I’ll call it…

        1. That’s a brilliant idea! M’lady’s favorite years after their family dog went to the great kennel in the sky was when they’d dogsit this big, lovable pooch.

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