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Cat Soup


It’s “ketchup,” which you will soon master, but I will always look back fondly on these fleeting variations, my dear.


Parenting: How Saturdays disappear

Today I’m invited to the 9 a.m. soccer game for a girl who is kind of like our goddaughter, and then to my godson’s (one of them; I have an empire of godchildren) hockey game at 12:15-ish.

When I think about how my Saturday will be affected by the prospect of attending both (for just once in a blue moon, honestly), it crystallizes for me how parents of children of a certain age see their weekends disappear into sports/classes/practice ferrying.

And not that I ever doubted it, but it also underlines why my mother spent every game she attended sitting on the sidelines reading a book or grading papers. To the point that my limited moments of athletic glory would lead to this recurring scene:

Bystander: {nudge nudge} “Ma’am, your son just scored a goal.”

Mom: {puts book on lap, picks up glasses} “Did he? Oooh, great!” {clap clap} {takes glasses off} {goes back to book}

Coda: And you know, I laugh about it and we tease her about it now, but I really do think in this and several other ways, she taught me the importance of having a book or magazine around for settings you’d rather not be in. You’re never bored or waiting interminably if you have a book with you.