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They never made Clooney deal with this

Three people who are very, very dear to me are ER doctors. (One of them calls it “the ED,” not “ER,” — department rather than room. But sorry, Viagra has stiffly wrested ownership of those letters.)

Anyway, these are their stories, sad but true:

That site that is pimped at the end — http://www.xtranormal.com — is pretty cool if you have an hour to waste and the desire to make an animation like the above. It looks simple: Just type in a script and laugh away! But there are actually a lot of subtle features that will burn your time up. So on second thought: Don’t go there! Your productivity will go down the drain.

*About the title: I don’t actually know if they made Clooney’s character deal with this or not, because I never watched ER. For my realistic medical drama, I prefer the true-to-life Grey’s Anatomy.