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No longer hip – but hey, I know that one song!

The joke I re-used (er, ich wiederverwerten) through my post-graduate 20s (now expired) was that we were no longer “young and hip.” College’s singular state of being was gone. Growth, maturity, and financial semi-independence were all wonderful developments, but one couldn’t help the realization that they came at the price of losing our “young and hip”-ness.

(Of course the other joke, which family and friends use on me — a joke far closer to the truth — is that I was born a 52-year-old-man. So really, “young and hip” was never even in the picture for me.)

Now comes the realization that the 2000s, “the Aughts,” are almost over. (Shit!) Which means lists. Which means the first-ever musical retrospectives of an entire decade in which I was no longer young and hip.

But there is hope! (Well, not “hope,” but a gradual rather than sudden crash into irrelevance … which is nice.) On Pitchfork’s Top 20 songs of the 2000s, I actually know some of them! I even like the ones I’d heard of. And one I’d never heard before, I really like.

So we have: Continue reading No longer hip – but hey, I know that one song!